Ardent is a two-story coffee hideout that won’t be the one you expected to be, the mural walls or the wooden table topped with baby’s breath, nope. It’s a
synthesis of glasshouse, Japanese, and exceptional coffee. You can get your daily caffeine fix here, and you’re also able to learn about your favorite little bean at the coffee academy upstairs. Glasshouse is used to be an exterior thingy, yet we twist it as the interior concept. Covered with black frames, greenies will do their duty to liven up the place. While colors such as broken white and cream will paint the walls to show the simplicity that makes you feel as if you’re home.

Japanese interior was captured through light furniture and a drop of Hinoki wood color. Ardent’s logo is also brewtifully imprinted all over the place. And for the floor plan, terrazzo pattern granite is applied to complete the modern contemporary look. Their identity is glued to every corner of the space.

Client Mr Michael & Partner
Location Pesanggarahan, Jakarta Barat
Year 2017
Area 300 sqm
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