Cafe La Pasion

You can call Cafe La Pasion a hidden gem, one of the must-visit hideout in Balangan, Bali. Located less than 10 minutes from Balangan Beach, it sells Hawaiian & Mexican delicacies. In the process of creating its design concept, we immersed ourselves in surfing life and learned more about those two countries. Thereafter, we sophisticatedly blended them into an interior design concept and embedded a surfing soul in it.

We painted shades of sun, sky, and sea that is vibrant and designed the place in Vintage style with a nuance of Rustic. There is an accent of real coconut tree as an earmark of Hawaii and Bali, yes, it’s not a synthetic one. Aside from everything, the highlight of this place is also the Mexican skull which tells a philosophy of life—or in Spanish; La Vida. Everything in this world turns in circle.

Years have gone by and this place becomes so loved by the surfers, tourists, and people in Balangan. We are so delightful if our interior design concept can add a competitive advantage to our client’s business, where after 4 years, Cafe La Pasion has finally expanded their space. We truly understand that developing F&B business isn’t as easy as flipping a palm, but through the ups and downs, Cafe La Pasion is still sailing. Hang Loose!

“You can’t stop the wave but you can learn to surf!” —Anonymous

Client Mr. Michael & Partner
Location Balangan, Bali
Year 2014 & 2018
Area 107 m2
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