Chi Li

The new kid on the block, Chi Li, was finally unveiled in Kota Kasablanka, South Jakarta. Under S2 Group, a company that also manages Seroeni Restaurant, Chi Li serves the market of Millennials with its appetizing Malay-Chinese or so-called Peranakan dishes. 吉利 (read: Chi Li), as some of you may know, means auspicious or lucky and we truly believe that name is a prayer.
As you step into this casual and modern eatery, you will feel the ambiance of a house terrace. We painted tropical leafage mural, from palm to monstera, as the greeneries. We also put a membrane ceiling to create sunlight that will make you feel as if you’re in your #homeyardgoals. Then, we designed an ambiance of a reflecting pool that can soothe your troubled mind. We installed blue-green mosaic tiles at the bar and the seating area next to it. Delightful treats and refreshment by the pool is always a fine idea to recharge yourself.
Take another step inside and you’re home, where you will feel sheltered. We put well-appointed rattan wicker as the details of the chairs and hanging bar. Rounded and tablet pattern was applied as the accent of some furniture and decorations. With warm lighting, the ambiance becomes more casual and cozy.
Accordingly, have you decided where to enjoy this drool-worthy cookery? The terrace, the reflecting pool, or the home? We have put this concept as the whole design, so wherever you sit, rest assured. Chi Li will surely cater your cravings of Malay-Chinese delicacy.

Client Mr. Ivan
Location Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta
Year 2019
Area 160 m2
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